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This is software for music on demand channel. In that there are two channel, one for demanding and other for viewing the songs. This software gives voice enables instruction to viewer that help him give easy selection of song. You can attach four-phone line to this software.


Key Feature :- 

Stores the ‘dat’ and ‘avi’ file extension for song.
Four person can demand at a time. Software can receive four calls at a time.  

You can also put full screen ad between the songs. This ad could be file of the format ‘dat’, ‘avi’, ‘htm’, ‘html’ or ‘swf’ (flash files).

You also get an error log file, if the song is not available on the specified location.

You can specify a ‘my selection’ for that time when there is no demand.
Inserting break between songs is very easy and very effective.
Software is networking supported that means you open this software on network anywhere.

Minimum System Requirement t:-

Pentium III with more than 600 MHz clock speed.

Display adapter supporting minimum 800*600 resolution.

Windows 9x/2000/XP

500 MB free space on hard disk for installing software.
One modem for one phone line, you can have four phone lines.

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