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The AIMS will cover inventory and account. In which the generation of invoice, cash memo, cash receipts will be done. The sale & purchase will be maintained in it, according to that the stock reports will be generated.

Total Accounting and Inventory software includes:

Entry of different type of medicines (Tab., Syp, Cap. etc.).

Suppliers Entry

Purchase Entry (Bill of Suppliers) (Taxable & Non Taxable Medicines) (With Batch no., Expiry Date, Manufacturer, Date of purchase etc)

Sample Medicines Entry
Purchase reports
Return of medicine (Due to any reason) Entry & Accounts
Stock reports
Sale Voucher Entry & Printing
Sale Bill
Return From Customer (Entry & Voucher Printing)
Credit Note & Debit Note (Money Transfer)
Daily Customer entry
Daily customer Account (Credit & Cash)
Ledgers (Customer & Different Suppliers)
Due Amount Reports
Total Account reports
Tax report
Expired medicine report (Stock)
Alerts (Low Stock, Expired Medicines)
Interaction with HMS NxT
Low Demand Medicine reports
Non required medicine stock reports

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